The power of the Breath

When we breathe well, we create the optimum conditions for health and well-being. In reclaiming the fullness of our breathing we also reclaim many other dimensions of our lives.
A lot of people don’t realize they aren’t breathing properly and most of the time we take our breathing for granted.
In fact, 90% of humanity uses only 30% of his breathing capacity.
Breathwork is a unique experience for everyone and one of the most natural and most effective self-healing systems on earth!
Your breathing pattern is a good indicator of where in your body there are blockages. At least one study has shown that we release about 70% of toxins through our breath, demonstrating the importance of the exhalation aspect of the process.
Some of those toxins may be in the form of toxic thoughts, emotions and beliefs which you can release by conscious breathing during a session.

Did you ever asked yourself the question;
am Breathing the right way?

Benefits of Breathwork
  • Efficient release of toxins – good detox!
  • Boost energy circulation – feeling good in your body & more energy
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety – let go of what no longer serves you
  • Release of physical tensions – stress in our bodies
  • Learn to let go – one of the hardest lessons in life
  • Release en process repressed emotions – all of them!
  • Freedom of expression – yeah feels so good
  • Inner connectedness – connect with the beauty within
  • Clarity about individual purpose and direction – we all need that now and then..
  • Overall sense of joy, inner peace and relaxation – *bliss*
  • Deepening of your – sport, yoga/meditation practice
What is The Breath Journey?

The Breath Journey wants to make you aware that you have the most powerful, natural, self-healing tool inside your own human body.

The breath has been used by many different ancient cultures as a means to enter another consciousness-level while staying aware in the present moment.
By breathing an open, healthy and connected breath our bodies naturally begin to release physical tension and surface levels of stress.
Then, as our bodies relax and our breath becomes deeper and we learn to physically relax the exhale, we find that this type of breathing has the capacity to release deeper emotional and mental patterns as well. After breathing away these layers, we can relax and surrender to re-discover our True Self.
Most of all, we want to re-connect with your natural breath flow. This will make you feel more grounded, balanced, open and present.

For who?

The Breath Journey is for everybody since we all benefit from additional oxygen 😉
The question is: Are you ready for change?

Few of the reasons people decide to explore the benefits of breathwork:
Physical discomforts such as: asthma, back and shoulder pain, fatigue, unrest, concentration problems, high blood pressure, headache/migraine, hyperventilation
Letting go of control
Addictions (smoking)
• Become more aware of your breathing pattern and how to use this in daily life
• Can help reduce stress, burn-out, depression and anxiety
Connect with your body, emotions and feelings
• Learn ways to relax, surrender and letting go
• More clearance about where to go and what to do in your life
• To get more energy, feel more balanced and grounded

Breathing is the most readily accessible resource you have for creating and sustaining your vital energy

Experiences of participants
  • “Relieved- Relaxed-Happy that’s how i felt after this journey! And all i had to do was to trust my breath and Nadine’s guidance. It helped me release what was kept within and after 1 week i still feel that today is a new day and I am fresh and cleaned to start living it!”

    Afrodite, Cyprus
  • “What an experiences I had during my several sessions of the Breath Journey. I clearly notice a difference (mental and physical) and it gives me the tools that I need on specific moments of the day.. Unique experience, different every time and I will continue giving myself this workshop gift now and then. Thank you Nadine”

    Rolf, Amsterdam
  • “Dear Nadine, I am so happy that I made this breath journey! Thank you for guiding me through it. Amazing, magnificent, beautiful…have no words. I have never experienced this beautiful experience. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart”

    Glenn, Nederland
  • “The Breath Journey makes me aware of what is happening in my body and brings awareness in my breath pattern. The way Nadine guides you with warmth, love and enthusiasm is something that I would recommend everybody! Thank you Nadine for your love and beautiful Breath Journey”

  • “Hi Nadine! I still have no words for the special journey today. What a nice presentation of your workshop. Love your humor and then the extraordinary power of the breath! Namasté”

    Masjenka, yoga teacher Holland
THE BREATH JOURNEY WORKSHOPS organised in countries around the Globe!

Breathing in a group, can be organised on every location. In yoga studio’s, festivals, during retreats, events, companies or in the comfort of your own living room. Workshops are hosted throughout the year. If you have a special request, please connect with us!

Breath Coach

As a certified Breath Coach I will guide you during your breath journey by coaching, observing your breathing pattern, use pressure points on your body and by giving you (intuitive) guidance. Working with the breath is the most powerful and accessible of all the things that I have experienced!
By experience our breathing, we can experience ourselves. Often we keep looking for things outside of us to make us feel good, happy and loved. But we can find all these things inside us, we just need to become aware.
Our breath is our Prana, our life force. And by changing the way you breathe, you can change your life!
All you need to do is surrender and trust your body and your breath.
Your body knows how to breathe and I want to guide you in discovering how powerful your breath is, how it can help you to let go, release, surrender, relax, comfort, guide and transform.