With the desire to see, feel and experience the world, I chose a study Tourism, which brought me the gift of living and working in over 6 different, sunny countries for several years. During this time, I discovered different cultures, life-styles, made friends for life and enjoyed the dreamy life of a holiday representative for a big tour operator. Working in Tourism gave me joy and great life experiences, but I always felt a deeper call within my heart to connect and guide others on their way to happiness and love, supported by a healthy and natural lifestyle.
Together with the desire to get to know myself better and what else I wanted to do with my life, this was a motivation to go on a inner journey.

Inner journey on the rhythm of my breath

After readings tons of books, experiencing therapies, workshops, yoga and meditation I ended up in a breath session on a beautiful island in Thailand, where I was lucky enough to spend some months exploring and finding what brought me happiness and looking for what I could share with others.

By experiencing my breath, I could experience myself again. It brought me the re-connection with my body, I could let go of tension and emotions that were stored inside for some time, it fully opened my heart, brought deep relaxation, I connected to my power and had some magical experiences….
All this just by deep and full breathing. Simple, natural and so powerful! From that first session I knew that I wanted to share the healing power of the breath with the world.
Following my breathwork training’s and studies brought depth, insights and inspiration that after experiencing many breath sessions myself, I was ready to share with others.

Connection & Self Care

Connecting people through the breath became my passion, which brought me to several countries to share breathwork. It was on the island of Love, – Cyprus where my workshop The Breath Journey in it’s current form was born, which is symbolic as I want to share everything from a place of Love.
That self-care is very important besides caring for others, I discovered after a burn-out which kept me home for months. During this time I started my training in Yin Yoga, where I found relaxation and was able to surrender into whatever there was, being gentle with myself, setting healthy boundaries and getting to know myself even better.
All this got even more depth, when my wish for many years came true, to study Maya Abdominal Therapy. The essence in this modality is Self-Care. In the jungle of Belize I learned the ancient and healing techniques of the Arvigo Institute, which can especially support women in their body and their lives. Altough I currently just use this abdominal massage for myself and friends, I am happy to share what I learned.

Colors & Essential Oils

Currently my passions are colorful and smell delicious 🙂 Without any expectations I booked a session to FEEL my colors last year and the impact was huge! Connecting with the colors that made me feel grounded, confident, happy and sexy meant a whole new chapter and wardrobe as well. In Spring I did the training and now I am happy to share ‘Your Color Journey’ with others, as this is a unique and ‘once in a life-time’ experience!
Additionally, my interest and passion about using Essentials Oils in addition to a healthy and natural life-style, is growing every day. Currently I offer personal wellness consultations and workshops, where I not only share why I love essential oils, but how everything is connected to everything, including all that I share.


Every day I am learning, I get inspired, there are many lives I could live in this one. Every day is a choice to choose the one where I can live my beautiful, balanced, healthy and authentic Self which I love to share with you. I surrendered to my adventurous soul, which despite my current base in Holland, still makes me travel a lot! Involved in many projects that support art, music and bringing people together to celebrate life is another thing which I find extremely satisfying.
We often look for things outside ourselves that can make us happy, that will bring satisfaction, but going within, that’s where you can find the real treasure….