The Breath Journey participants from all over the world share their experiences

“One of the most amazing journey you will ever undertake in your life time. I have done 5 journeys now and each one is unique and personal to my releasing of the past and to my growth. Nadine is loving ,caring and you feel safe to explore outside your boundaries. I am looking forward to the return of Nadine and the next journey”

Mary, Ireland

“It was an amazing experience for me. Hard to describe, words are not enough. But I can tell you I feel free from everything. Deep relaxation and wonderful feeling. I feel light, happy and peaceful. Finally I could let go all the things I was carrying with me and it felt like I had wings. Everybody should experience this. Thank you Nadine for this opportunity and teaching us about the power of our breath”

Mahinur, North-Cyprus

“Dear Nadine, I am so happy that I made this breath journey! Thank you for guiding me through it. Amazing, magnificent, beautiful…have no words. I have never experienced this beautiful experience. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart”

Glenn, Nederland

“The rhythm of the breath and the higher state of consciousness becoming one.
Highly recommended to live this special trip, will enchant the body and spirit , it’s a unique high-level practice. Nadine, thank you for this amazing experience. To my soul sister, thank you”

Katherina, yoga teacher Athens

“Well it’s been 3 days since my Breath Journey experience and I am still digesting it. This was honestly one of the best experiences in my life! I had an immense release in so many ways: I cried a lot, breathed like never before, felt a tremendous amount of energy in every fiber of my being, I almost felt as though I had an out of body experience, it’s so difficult to describe. I know I have more to release and so I am looking forward to continuing my Breath Journey! Nadine is an inspiration she has taught me how to create more space within. I feel lighter and freer with every breath I take”

Vanessa, yoga docent in Cyprus

“Relieved- Relaxed-Happy that’s how i felt after this journey! And all i had to do was to trust my breath and Nadine’s guidance. It helped me release what was kept within and after 1 week i still feel that today is a new day and I am fresh and cleaned to start living it!”

Afrodite, Cyprus

“Nadine, thank you for this amazing experience. We were guided by you in a professional and loving way. You created a safe and secure space for us to surrender to this special breath journey. There is more space and insight in emotions and patterns. Very special experience! Namaste”

Soon Ja, yoga docente NL

“It was an amazing, life-changing experience. We hold on to so much that no longer serves us. I now feel so peaceful and calm after releasing. The power of the breath is unbelievable…you definitely need to experience it!
I look forward to your next spectacular workshop Nadine… THANK YOU FOR THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! I know that I will never be the same again”

Helena, South-Africa

A must experience! And more than once, for each time is different. Releasing different emotions, blockages. My first journey was a grande one! Lots of physical sensations, sounds, smells and colors. I felt safe with Nadine there guiding us and it really was an unexpected experience. As a yoga Instructor I work with breath, but not like this. The second time was calm and soft, very inner and deep and I even released a cold virus! Again felt secure and protected, as if the breath knows where it takes you…
Yes in our Breath we trust… Thank you Nadine!

Rebecca, yoga teacher UK

“I went to a Breathwork workshop/event with Nadine Ruiter last night and it was truly amazing. Pretty all of you know I wouldn’t be doing this post if I wasn’t extremely impressed. Please do not panic Nadine is not from “Sandals and Kaftan School” so you won’t catch “Lentilitus” – she is very normal and glamorous- you will not be disappointed on any level. Although she works with a room full of people what you get is very personal to you are all assessed individually and you get what you need – it is definitely not one size fits all. So if she comes to a country near you don’t hesitate make the trip and if she is in your country make sure you get her to do a workshop for your club or style”

Frank, UK

“I would like to thank you for the most wonderful experience that no words can describe. The Breath Journey is an amazing practice that helps you to push your limits and unblock yourself. You are amazing and helping coach. Can’t wait for my second Journey!”

Oksana, Rusland