Enter a World of Colors

As you put your clothes on your body every single day,
let me start by asking you….
Have you ever thought about the effect of the colors on your body?
How they make you feel?
You might have some favorite clothing pieces, you probably think you know in which colors you look good and continue to pick your favorite colors whenever you buy something new, but are these really your colors?
Did you ever really FEEL the colors?

I am not talking about fashion here.
Neither about color therapy as you might have heard of, or checking which color card is for you, based on the look.
I am talking about which colors can make you FEEL grounded, empowered, radiant, sexy, calm and with which colors you just blend and feel good.
Which colors are truly YOU.
This naturally results in the colors that look good on you as well, these are the colors that make you Shine –
although it may turn out in a transformation and a whole new perspective on how you present yourself out into the world.
And maybe a new wardrobe as well 😉

Benefits of Your Color Journey

♡ Becoming aware of how colors make you feel
♡ Re-connect with your breath, feelings and inner world
♡ Discover the colors that can make you feel grounded, empowered, happy, sexy and alive!
♡ Inner and outer transformation
♡ Can bring a chance in your life on a personal and professional level
♡ The right colors can give radiance in your face, even reduce wrinkles and impurities
♡ Shopping get’s much easier
♡ It’s a ‘once in a life-time’ experience

Feeling colors and not seeing them, brings a whole new experience..

Content of Your Color Journey

The session is build in 3 parts, where we will take our time to feel a range of different colors and find out which ‘color type’ you are! Throughout the session I will be guiding you with questions and support.
In the first part we will find out if we are heading towards warm or cold colors. In the second part we are going to find out which color type you are and in the third part, the ‘grande finale’ – we will embrace you with the sheets of your true colors.
For women make-up and jewelry suggestions will be given too.
Remember, you will FEEL the colors and not see them – only the reflection of the color on your face in front of the mirror after you felt. In this way the mind is not influenced by all the experiences or opinions it has about a certain color.

Duration & Location
Your session will last from 2 up-to 3 hours, this varies per individual – but in general I like to take the time with you.
Preferably, the session takes place in the comfort of your own (living) room, where we will need a large mirror and privacy.
If hosting our session in your home is not a possibility, contact me for the options.
Cost for Your Color Journey are €160 including a custom made color booklet, which you can keep forever to always have your colors with you. And of-course, you can bring this booklet when you go shopping to see if your colors are the right fit! If the session takes place in your home, I am happy to go through your closet of clothes and give some clothing advice as a bonus.

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime experience, which you will always carry with you.

Personal Experience
My first experience with ‘feeling my colors’, got me curious and excited, but I had no clue what to expect.
However, I quickly learned that feeling different colors on me was an amazing experience and made me so curious, to find out what my true colors where! As you are only feeling it, not seeing it.
Turns out.. I was hardly wearing any of the colors that made me feel grounded, empowered, happy and sexy… as most of my life I was wearing colors that made me feel closed, sad, invisible and tired.
By feeling it, not seeing it – it gives a whole new perspective!
I could not believe my eyes when I was shown the colors that I felt best in! This meant a whole change of wardrobe and a different view on the world. Receiving all those compliments of other people wearing my new colors, was just an extra but most of all – I felt like a new Me and decided this is an experience I would love to share with others too. It’s simple but powerful and available to everyone.
After taking my course and working with many people from different countries, ages and backgrounds I can tell you – it’s a beautiful experience that I will share with you, with love.

Are you ready to experience Your Color Journey?
All ages are welcome. Currently I am spreading the color magic in Holland, Denmark, Cyprus and Greece but you can request one in your country as well!
Just send me a message and we make it happen.

  • “The Color session was a revelation and a revolution for me. Nadine was a delightful guide through the journey. I discovered that I had been hiding behind bold colors.
    I uncovered my true beauty in these new colors that took me by surprise. Now I am wearing new clothes and am loving how soft I feel”

    Aradhana, UK
  • “The results have been visible inside-out, wearing right colors that address your innermost feelings make your appearance shine and allow you to boost the results of your daily actions. You notice the change instantly and so does your environment (compliments were abundant!). Even shopping became easier and faster. If you need a change, give a chance to Nadine’s session. You will discover a new You!”

    Mayka, Cyprus
  • “The moment you realize you’ve been hiding behind a color and understanding why… is truly a deep change that will effect and empower you for the rest of your life. Simple and effective… Now that’s a worthy session!”

    Kareem Raïhani, Ibiza

Do you want to gift someone a colorful make-over? Request a Color Journey as a unique and special gift! Contact Nadine at nadineruiter@gmail.com