~May each Breath be like a footstep....bringing you back, to the home of yourself~

Hey! I am Nadine.

For the past six years, I have been travelling all over the Globe.. answering the call of adventure, listening to my heart’s desires, building my own freedom lifestyle and share my passions with hundreds of people of different countries and backgrounds along the way.

As a certified Breath Coach, experienced event organizer and passionate life adventurer, I am here for you to share what I love and what enriched my life. Whether I have to honor to guide you into discovering the healing power of your own breath, embody your true colors, welcome you at one of our events or support you in creating your own heart business…
I am here to support and guide you along the way, something that truly fills me with joy!

Breath Journey
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Feeling Colors
women's retreat
heART Business
women's retreat
  • “Hi Nadine! I still have no words for the special journey today. What a nice presentation of your workshop. Love your humor and then the extraordinary power of the breath! Namasté”

    Masjenka, yoga teacher Holland
  • “I would like to thank you for the most wonderful experience that no words can describe. The Breath Journey is an amazing practice that helps you to push your limits and unblock yourself. You are amazing and helping coach. Can’t wait for my second Journey!”

    Oksana, Rusland
  • “What an experiences I had during my several sessions of the Breath Journey. I clearly notice a difference (mental and physical) and it gives me the tools that I need on specific moments of the day.. Unique experience, different every time and I will continue giving myself this workshop gift now and then. Thank you Nadine”

    Rolf, Amsterdam
  • “The results have been visible inside-out, wearing right colors that address your innermost feelings make your appearance shine and allow you to boost the results of your daily actions. You notice the change instantly and so does your environment (compliments were abundant!). Even shopping became easier and faster. If you need a change, give a chance to Nadine’s session. You will discover a new You!”

    Mayka, Cyprus
  • “The Color session was a revelation and a revolution for me. Nadine was a delightful guide through the journey. I discovered that I had been hiding behind bold colors.
    I uncovered my true beauty in these new colors that took me by surprise. Now I am wearing new clothes and am loving how soft I feel”

    Aradhana, UK

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