May each breath be like a footstep.. bringing you back to the home of yourself 


Hey Beautiful Being!

Wherever you are in your life right now..
I would love to share a part of our journey together!
With passion and love I share with you my knowledge, gifts, inspiration and life experiences so far with the tools that I received on my way to Well-Being, balance, happiness and relaxation.
On my website you can read more about the transformational power of breathwork, the gift of colors or the healing benefits of Essential Oils – which I all offer and share in workshops or one to one sessions. In all of this, all the tools are combined to give you the best experience that I can guide you in.

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Workshops & Events

Overview of upcoming workshops and events

The Breath Journey
Discover the hidden treasure that lies within your breath!
We all carry mental, physical and emotional tension in our bodies, both conscious as unconscious.
During your own inner Breath Journey you will be guided to consciously connect with whatever arises and use the healing power of your breath to release, let go and be whatever there is in a safe and loving space.

all year around

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Your Color Journey
Have you ever thought, about how colors can make you FEEL?
Explore your inner color world and find out which colors are truly you!
A beautiful and powerful too to bring out your inner beauty and share this with the world.
Suitable for everybody in one to one sessions in the comfort of your home or at location.

available on appointment

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  • “I would like to thank you for the most wonderful experience that no words can describe. The Breath Journey is an amazing practice that helps you to push your limits and unblock yourself. You are amazing and helping coach. Can’t wait for my second Journey!”

    Oksana, Rusland
  • “Hi Nadine! I still have no words for the special journey today. What a nice presentation of your workshop. Love your humor and then the extraordinary power of the breath! Namasté”

    Masjenka, yoga teacher Holland
  • “What an experiences I had during my several sessions of the Breath Journey. I clearly notice a difference (mental and physical) and it gives me the tools that I need on specific moments of the day.. Unique experience, different every time and I will continue giving myself this workshop gift now and then. Thank you Nadine”

    Rolf, Amsterdam

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